August is now a memory and with the arrival of September, pepper cultivation returns to the fore. In protected cultivation, in the context of the Mediterranean area, the cultivation of peppers stands out for its yields and sustainability. Consequently, using a performer fertilizer means the costs of managing the crop with an assured final result


The Mugavero line for quality Lettuce: In leafy vegetables, the characteristics that recognize their quality are consistency and crunchiness and above all shelf-life. The MUGAVERO biostimulants line for lettuce cultivation includes a range of highly professional products that can be used in organic and / or zero residue. To cope with calcium deficiencies in conditions

Dragon fruit

From papaya to table grapes, up to the cultivation of one of the most requested and desired Asian plants in Italy, both for its rarity and its nutritional properties: dragon fruit (dragon fruit), or pitaya. Produced mainly by China and Vietnam, dragon fruit is produced from a high energy-efficient CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) plant, which


Grown almost exclusively in greenhouses in Sicily, papaya has now become an inevitable and constant fruit in Italian tables, both for its different and relevant nutritional properties, and its freshness and goodness. Aspects repeatedly challenged by the criticalities that emerged from its own cultivation in the Mediterranean environment. This is why Mugavero, with its renowned

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melon culture

The melon culture

With the official arrival of summer, the melon is finally ready to take centre stage. Both in the fields and the tables. This is why, precisely in this period, we must not forget one of the fundamental aspects when it comes to a melon culture that is, in the Mediterranean area it stands out for yields

Table Grape

Even if summer has not yet taken over spring, the attention to table grape has already captured the attention of winemakers, constantly engaged in the care of the plant, because the pitfalls to be faced are different: from the high vigour of the vineyard, up to the climate, the improper management of irrigation. Factors that affect


The range of Mugavero products for fertigation consists of completely water-soluble fertilizers. All water-soluble products are characterized by “free-flowing” or “no-packing” as the product has a humidity close to zero; this facilitates the dosage and increases the solubility. More professionalism in the fertigation of production systems At Mugavero we offer a range of high-tech water-soluble

Post-harvest represents one of the most important moments of the vegetative-productive cycle for deciduous fruit crops as the plant prepares to accumulate the reserve substances in the wood and roots, substances that will be used in the very early stages of the production cycle of the next year. The occurrence of any stress due to

“How to increase the dryness and color”   One of the most common issues and widespread problems that have been highlighted every year in table viticulture concerns the coloration of red and black grapes: an increasingly unpredictable climatic trend determines the protective arrangements (greenhouse, tent covered for the advance or delay) high thermal values of

  NIGER 650 from MUGAVERO range is characterised by a particular formulation containing total humic extracts (2.1%) with sub-acid reaction.      it’s used on the Kiwi initial phase of budding in the presence of stunted plant growth or more generally in all cases in which phenomena of “soil fatigue” and root system with highlighted