leafy vegetables
Mugavero, IV range at full crunch The production of leafy vegetables for the IV range now embraces all months of the year due to the continuous demand from the large-scale retail trade for this type of product. The summer months certainly represent a critical phase for these crops, the high temperatures in fact lead to
inductors resistance
Why apply resistance inductors on kiwifruit? When looking at the kiwi plant, it is essentially the well-being indices to monitor: vegetative vigor and root development. Also in consideration of the fact that we must not forget that the vegetative activity is due to the reserves accumulated in the permanent portions of the plant. Therefore, if
Tired ground
To counteract the tired ground or the root system with a compressed functionality, Mugavero deploys Niger 650 in the initial budding phase of the kiwi. An effective solution is characterized by a particular formulation containing total humic extracts (2.1%) with a sub-acid reaction When to give Niger 650 for kiwi To support the kiwi on
Non-optimal soil management has always been one of the most common limits of conventional horticultural and fruit production systems, as it can lead to various and annoying problems. One above all: the reduction, over time, of the root efficiency of the plant. This aspect obviously has repercussions on the productive result of the crop. On
Table grapes
Hour x is upon us. To obtain an early production, in the table vineyards in a protected environment it is almost time to stop for a moment and think about how to obtain a loose and “quality” bunch, with a well-stretched rachis and with the right number of berries. Aspects have always been sought after
Always defined as the “generous” essence of the Mediterranean, lemon is one of the undisputed protagonists of our kitchens and dishes: from appetizers to side dishes and desserts, it is always present. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the correct cultivation of lemons is now increasingly examined and careful, especially, when close to the end
Low light, high humidity, and cold. These are some of the climatic factors, obviously typical of winter, that can jeopardize the cultivation of one of the plants most loved by Italians, which we often find on our tables: rocket. This is why Mugavero, which has always been attentive to the needs of farms, to prevent
Small fruits continue to fascinate consumers and producers and confirm, once again, their growing trend and the increasingly prevalent diffusion of new plants in areas other than conventional ones. This is why, in addition to the strawberry, which remains the most cultivated species among small fruits, the blueberry (genus Vaccinium, Ericaceae family) is taking on
Vegetable crops
During the winter, vegetable crops in a protected environment are subject to problems of maturity and colouring of the fruits, due to differences: from low light, up to high humidity and waiting for the photoperiod. Factors which, as in the case of pepper and tomato, cause the depreciation of the finished product. This is why
Concluding the kiwi harvest campaign does not mean completing one’s work, quite the opposite. A series of cultural interventions are necessary that the farmer must take into consideration. Among these, for example, those aimed at phytosanitary protection of the plant and the accumulation of reserve substances to ensure production in the following campaign stand out.