Cereal crops Mugavero
The effect of climate on cereal crops The ups and downs of the climate inevitably have repercussions on the yield and quality of the autumn-winter cereal crops which are traditionally grown dry. There are tools available to the field operator to allow the achievement of the best quantitative-qualitative result: the use of technologically innovative fertilizers
Protocol Mugavero on Fennel
Protocol Mugavero on Fennel Fennel is one of the few items in the fruit and vegetable supply chain to be produced in Italy and has no foreign competitors on the shelves of large-scale distribution. The increase in raw material costs, both in the fields and in the warehouse, is penalizing the fennel supply chain. Plastics,
olive tree
The Olive tree and the phenomenon of production alternation The olive tree is, among the tree essences characterizing the Mediterranean landscape, the predominant crop for historicity and culture. In this climatic zone, traditional “dry” olive groves very frequently present phenomena of “production alternation”; the plant produces one year yes (year of charge) and one year
Mugavero color protocol
The Mugavero color protocol With the imminent Christmas holidays, the campaign in southern Italy for strawberries obtained under greenhouses is about to begin. The Mugavero color protocol comes into play to ensure balanced ripening of the fruit and uniform coloring, and to do so you need to start off on the right foot by intervening
Vegetative organs
In September transplants for open field crops and for those in a protected environment, the time has come, after the plant has overcome the transplant stress and is in the middle of the vegetative phase, to think about reinforcing the vegetative organs to reduce the susceptibility of itself to fungal diseases before temperature fluctuations catch
Strawberry transplants
In the south of Italy, strawberry transplants in protected crops began a few days ago. To help the seedling in its “planting” it is necessary to think about promoting rooting and favoring the enlargement of the crown to better prepare the differentiation to flower. Mugavero offers two of its products for this very delicate phase
Gran Riserva
The increase in business management costs nowadays requires particular attention to autumn and winter fertilization; from this point of view, the foliar application comes to the aid of the farmer by representing an “economically” valid choice with very high efficiency. GRAN RISERVA Gran Riserva is a foliar biostimulant that provides the plant with the “energy”
The barattiere is an ecotype of the Cucumis melo L. species typical of the Apulian area south of Bari, widespread between the territories of Polignano a Mare (BA), Monopoli (BA), and Fasano (BR). The edible part of the cultivated vegetable has intermediate qualitative characteristics between cucumber and melon and is represented by the immature fruit
inductors resistance
Why apply resistance inductors on kiwifruit? When looking at the kiwi plant, it is essentially the well-being indices to monitor: vegetative vigor and root development. Also in consideration of the fact that we must not forget that the vegetative activity is due to the reserves accumulated in the permanent portions of the plant. Therefore, if
Tired ground
To counteract the tired ground or the root system with a compressed functionality, Mugavero deploys Niger 650 in the initial budding phase of the kiwi. An effective solution is characterized by a particular formulation containing total humic extracts (2.1%) with a sub-acid reaction When to give Niger 650 for kiwi To support the kiwi on