Environmental Protection, Food Security and the consciousness that "we are what we eat” are Global fundamental priorities.

Mugavero, attentive to all these aspects, expresses a strong tendency for the development of Green and Eco-friendly solutions, aiming for a maximum safety of the environment, farmworkers and end users. From a holistic standpoint, some examples can be the accurate selection of raw materials free from undesired residue, the use of photovoltaic equipment, and the dust suppression and water recycling systems in the manufacturing process. Our Quality Management System is extensively certified, under ISO 9001 among other standards.


All the power required to feed the manufacturing plant is provided by the photovoltaic system, on site, which has a total peak power of 176,170 Wp. Photovoltaic technology and sustainability go hand in hand, therefore Mugavero products are manufactured using clean solar energy.


The sustainability in the field begins with fertilisers that use the slow-release technology, in accordance with the European Union Regulations for the reduction of nitrogen and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The design and manufacturing of special zero residual liquid formulations are the demonstration of a more careful and attentive approach to an increasingly demanding agriculture.


An innovative manufacturing line for liquid products guarantees the environmental sustainability, which is completed by the use of recycled materials in different packaging formats, thanks to a special registered trademark technology; the resin contained therein comes from an accurate selection of plastic waste, obtained through an innovative transformation system, respecting the Nature and the Environment.


green innovation

Photovoltaic panels


Peak Power

176.170 Wp

Annual Production

264.000 Kwh

Reduced dust

7200 Kg