Being amongst the first Companies in Europe in terms of formulation, manufacturing and distribution of granular and water-soluble slow-release fertilisers, Mugavero continues to invest in modern and exclusive technologies, turning also into a manufacturer of particular liquid formulations.

With the foundation of a Basic Research Company and embracing partnerships with Research Institutes, Mugavero remains constantly updated on scientific innovations and dedicated to the development of innovative products. Mugavero product development is possible thanks to the study, the research, the state-of-the-art laboratories and the know-how in genetics, microbiology, chemistry and agronomy


Thanks to its technologies and systems, Mugavero develops products with specific features that satisfy any requirement. Mugavero offers complete solutions for plantations, from basic fertilisation to special liquids for foliar application.


The Biofertilisers based on Microorganisms (BBM) were born from the study of the Microbiota-Plant interaction. The different combinations of selected microorganisms gave birth to new bio-preparations that better meet the nutritional needs of plants, with beneficial effects to their health and development.


The phytotron, located close to the labs, grants the control of all climatic and nutritional parameters, and enables the evaluation of new formulations applied on plant essences, in response to abiotic changes such as water, saline and thermal stress.