The secrets of table grape

Table Grape

Even if summer has not yet taken over spring, the attention to table grape has already captured the attention of winemakers, constantly engaged in the care of the plant, because the pitfalls to be faced are different: from the high vigour of the vineyard, up to the climate, the improper management of irrigation. Factors that affect the appearance and intrinsic quality of table grapes, such as the increase in sugars or the decrease in acids in the grape, can affect two fundamental steps: the colouring process and the ripening process. 

Colouration and maturation: the two keywords for table grape

If the taste is one of the main qualities of table grape, we must not forget that colour is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration, because it affects, and not a little, the choice and marketing in certain reference markets. While the sale of a ‘yellow’ or ‘green’ grape depends largely on the foreign market of destination, that of a black or red grape mainly depends on its correct colour. The insufficient or uneven colouring of the berries leads to a negative response on the final product market and the time and number of harvests. 

Mugavero’s solution

To fully enhance all the characteristics and qualities of table grape, Mugavero allows, for example, to standardize the ripening of the fruit, offering different solutions to winemakers.

niger 700 uva da tavolaAt the beginning of veraison (when the grape begins to colour), the application of Niger d700 water-soluble fertilizer in fertigation is shown to be of particular importance, which ensures the plant the necessary vigour for the second vegetative flow without unbalancing it. With a title of 9-15-33 and containing 2.1% of Humic and Fulvic Acids, Niger 700 should be administered in two applications 10 days apart (in micro-flow irrigation systems) and is accompanied by the use of Upper Grow, a biostimulant liquid rich in potassium and organic nitrogen which allows to increase the sugar content and colour of the grapes and to improve the consistency and shelf-life of the harvested product. Biostimolante

Applicable both by foliar and by fertigation, Upper Grow also contributes to improving the physicochemical properties of the soil by increasing the nutrient availability in the circulating solution and improving the cation exchange capacity of the soil system.

Not forgetting, of course, the use of Mugasol Gel 10.10.31, NPK fertilizer in an exclusive gel formulation with chelated microelements, which decisively affects the ripening of the berry, greatly improving the consistency and organoleptic qualities of the final table grape. If this article on fertigation was useful to you, continue to follow us on our blog and our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.