The melon culture

melon culture

melon culture

With the official arrival of summer, the melon is finally ready to take centre stage. Both in the fields and the tables. This is why, precisely in this period, we must not forget one of the fundamental aspects when it comes to a melon culture that is, in the Mediterranean area it stands out for yields and sustainability. Consequently, using a performing fertilizer does not only mean amortizing the management costs of the crop with an ensured qualitative result, it means taking care of the entire cultivation process at 360 degrees.

In this direction, the Mugavero biostimulants line for melon culture includes a range of highly professional products that can also be used in organic farming. Also because it should not be forgotten that in conditions of water stress the crop is more subject to calcium deficiency: the macroelement, an important component for the structure of the cell walls, is not translocated and the plant shows delayed growth, shorter internodes, leaf margins. they stop expanding and the leaf curves downwards; even the production is affected during the fruit set phase with the appearance of “irregular” fruit in shape. Without forgetting that calcium also directly affects the salt balance in plant cells and potassium is activated to regulate the opening and closing of the stomata and allow water in the plant.

Mugavero’s solution for melon culture

So, so that the melon culture is respected in the smallest details and without any hitch, Mugavero offers a complete solution to avoid the lack of calcium and improve the colour of the fruit and support the plant during production.

melon cultureStarting from the first aspect, from the pre-fruit setting phase to the pre-harvest phase, there are two types of solutions: foliar applications of Tonical, a fluid formulation containing calcium complex with amino acids and peptides more easily conveyed inside the cell membrane and Mugasol Mix L, a product based on chelated microelements with an organic chelator that allows rapid absorption in the vascular system. In detail, the organic component TONICAL also has extracts of brown algae (Ecklonia Maxima) very rich in phytohormones, in particular auxins, obtained by cold extraction. The goal, therefore, is to ensure the perfect nutritional balance in the leaf, with consequent promotion of photosynthetic activity and greening of the tissues.

melon cultureTo improve the colour of the fruit and support the plant during production, we recommend the application of Upper Grow, a liquid biostimulant rich in potassium and organic nitrogen indicator to increase the consistency and shelf-life of the fruit. Upper Grow is applied both by foliar and by fertigation; in this second case, helping to improve the physicochemical properties of the soil by increasing the nutrient availability in the solution and improving the cation exchange capacity of the soil system. Therefore, guaranteeing careful, precise and complete cultivation of the melon.

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