Protect the Papaya: Mugavero deploys Tocuzin and Upper Grow


Grown almost exclusively in greenhouses in Sicily, papaya has now become an inevitable and constant fruit in Italian tables, both for its different and relevant nutritional properties, and its freshness and goodness. Aspects repeatedly challenged by the criticalities that emerged from its own cultivation in the Mediterranean environment. This is why Mugavero, with its renowned products, Tocuzin and Upper Grow, focuses above all on two of the biggest problems associated with the cultivation of papaya: the defence against the main fungal diseases, such as anthracnose or black spot. A factor that, inevitably, must start from careful prevention in cultivation techniques: removing and removing crop residues from the ground (including damaged fruit), which contribute to the spread of the main fungal diseases that can compromise the quality of the fruit.

Products to protect Papaya

Caused by the fungus Asperisporium Caricae and widely spread in areas with high relative humidity and average temperatures between 18 and 25 ° C, the “black spot” of papaya appears, initially, with the appearance in the fruits of circular areas, which evolve in brown and protruding pustules, reaching 5 mm in diameter. In summary, the blackening on the external cuticle of the fruit, even if they do not reach the pulp, hardens the skin on the affected part and commercially devalue the final product.

In this sense, Tocuzin, a fluid organic mixture of Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) with a pH reaction of 2.5 and with low molecular weight, prevents fungal infections on the plant and fruit as it allows rapid absorption of microelements through plant tissues. And, in addition to acting on the plant’s self-defences, it has a nourishing action and a stimulating action on the vegetation.

Suggested in fertigation close to the veraison of the fruit (repeating the treatment during fruit development with a regular interval of 10 days), Upper Grow, rich in potassium and vegetable amino acids, is proposed in papaya production programs as gives the fruit greater shelf life and increases the concentration of sugars and colour. The potassium content gives the product properties that help lower the water potential of the roots, increasing water absorption and increasing the osmotic potential of the cells.

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