Improve the Performance of table grapes

“How to increase the dryness and color”


One of the most common issues and widespread problems that have been highlighted every year in table viticulture concerns the coloration of red and black grapes: an increasingly unpredictable climatic trend determines the protective arrangements (greenhouse, tent covered for the advance or delay) high thermal values of the air that have negative repercussions on the physiology of the plant; the winemaker is not always able to compensate, with careful irrigation management, the water needs of the crop that is subjected to water or evapo-transpiration stress.

Even the cultivation technique, in some cases too strong, is responsible for a partial or total arrest of the

grape ripening processes both in terms of pigmentation and in terms of sugar accumulation.


Niger 700 helps the plant in the “veraison” phase, i.e. when the grape starts to get the color. The NPK ratio favours the development of the grape and at the same time ensures the plant the necessary vigor for the second vegetative flow without unbalancing it.


Niger 700 is a water-soluble fertilizer having a titre 9-15-33 and containing 2.1% of humic and fulvic acids; it should be administered by fertigation in two applications 10 days apart.

The MUGAVERO table grape protocol is also enriched with UPPER GROW, a liquid biostimulant rich in potassium and organic nitrogen: applied during the development and ripening of the fruits, it allows to increase sugars and improve consistency, color and shelf life. -life of table grapes. Biostimolante

UPPER GROW, it applies both foliar and in fertigation; in this second case

it contributes to improving the physical-chemical properties of the soil by increasing the nutrient availability in the circulating solution and improving the cation exchange capacity of the soil system.