Viking 40

Viking are complex granular fertilizers specific for the basic and covering fertilization of all crops. Some products of the Viking line have a good supply of sulfur and magnesium.

Mechanical Application

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  • Suitable for all types of cultivation
  • Balanced supply of main nutrients
  • Improves the magnesium and sulphur uptake

The Viking line includes complex granular fertilisers, specifically developed for the basal and top dressing fertilisations, to all types of cultivations. Some of the Viking line products present a good supply of sulphur and magnesium.

The Viking products are characterised by the regular size of their granules, high solubility and sub-acid reaction, due to the presence of sulphur coming from the sulfuric anhydride, which is soluble in water, increasing the availability of the nutritional elements present in the soil, preventing deficiencies and physiopathies and improving the quality of the production.


  • Flowering and Ornamental plants: 200-400 kg/ha top dressing
  • Fruits: 400-600 kg/ha in late winter
  • Industrial agriculture: 400-600 kg/ha at seeding
  • Horticultural plants: 400-800 kg/ha at transplanting

Composition %

Nitrogen total (N) 40.0
Ammoniacle nitrogen (N) 5.0
Urea nitrogen (N) 35.0
Sulfuric Anhydride water soluble (SO3) 14.0