Autumn, time for great Gran…Riserve

Post-harvest represents one of the most important moments of the vegetative-productive cycle for deciduous fruit crops as the plant prepares to accumulate the reserve substances in the wood and roots, substances that will be used in the very early stages of the production cycle of the next year.

The occurrence of any stress due to high thermal values in the autumn season or nutritional imbalances due to excessively high fertilization, can have repercussions on the integrity of the permanent organs of the plant and on the maturation of the wood.

In these cases, the application of the GRAN RESERVE is particularly suitable.

GRAN RISERVA favours and accelerates the phyllotopsis by inducing the entry into dormancy of the buds and promotes the accumulation of reserve substances in deciduous fruit species, which is evident, in many cases, with an evident swelling of the bud. they give the product marked surfactant and sequestering properties with regard to the microelements present (Zn and Mn).


The wood of the plant treated with GRAN RISERVA also acquires greater resistance to biotic and abiotic agents: GRAN RISERVA in fact improves the plant’s resistance to cold and the defense against pathogens (fungi and bacteria) by inhibiting their development. The period of application varies according to the time of harvest of the different crops: on short-cycle crops (early cv) the interval between harvest and the onset of phyllotopsis is greater, on long-cycle crops (late cv ) this interval is significantly reduced (Table 1).


According to the vegetation cover (Table 2): Use the highest dosage if the plant has not yet lost its leaves (LAI equal to 1);

Use the lowest dosage if the plant has lost at least 50% of its leaves (LAI equal to 0.5).

If necessary, provide for a second treatment after 14 days. The product is also effective on already defoliated branches as it is absorbed by the cell walls of the wood and the bud, also exerting a healing action. GRAN RISERVA is part of the MUGAVERO NUTRITION OF FRUIT CROPS program together with the MOVITA and MOVITA TWIN products: while the latter allow for uniform germination, ensuring a good “awakening”, GRAN RISERVA is the right recipe to ensure the plants “rest” at its best.


Table 1  

* Early cultivars

** Late cultivars

Table 2

LAI (Leaf Area Index): measures the leaf area per unit of soil surface

On Table vine yellowing of the vegetation and beginning of defoliation after treatment with GRAN RISERVA (SX) and final result of the lignification of the fruiting head (DX).


On actinidia fruit head not treated (SX) and fruit head treated with GRAN RISERVA (DX). The evident swelling of the buds in the treated plant is appreciated.