Our solution against Sick Soil Syndrome on KIWI


NIGER 650 from MUGAVERO range is characterised by a particular formulation containing total humic extracts (2.1%) with sub-acid reaction.     

it’s used on the Kiwi initial phase of budding in the presence of stunted plant growth or more generally in all cases in which phenomena of “soil fatigue” and root system with highlighted and compromised functionality.

NIGER 650 is regulated by fertigation in two applications every 10 days: The radical treatment immediately induces the emission of new roots; a visually milder response occurs on the epigeal part: the plant gradually regains vigor, arriving “in the long run” in production with an extra boost. The vegetation of the treated plant becomes darker and takes on brilliance. The production result is guaranteed.

In order to improve the effectiveness of NIGER 650 it is recommended to add Upper GROW in fertigation. This organic product allows to improve the absorption of soil micro and macronutrients and at the same time improve the cation exchange capacity of the soil.      Biostimolante

The high potassium content, acting as an osmotic regulator, improves the absorption of nutrients and resistance to low temperatures.