"Feeding the land, with respect"

Our company is deeply and proudly involved in providing a sustainable performance to our stakeholders. Sustainability is the key driver of our innovation. We implement it through the solar system and the scrubber of our production plant and through those fertilizers that are slow release and thus eco-friendly.


The solar system of our company is made of 776 solar panels with a peak power equal to 176.170 Wp. The average annual production of energy is approximately 264,000 kWh. Considering that our plant production needs an average amount of 534,000 kWh and taking into account that half of such energy is provided by our solar power plant,one can say that 50% of Mugavero fertilizers are made of green energy.


The production of dust of our plant is affected by incoming raw materials. There are raw materials that, during handling and manipulation produce a bigger quantity of dust. Usually dust is freed in the environment but thanks to the Scrubber present in our facility, we grasp collect the dust and concentrate it in liquid form. In one month time we are able to gather 600 kg of dust, convert it into liquid form and thus prevent it to harm the environment. That corresponds to a quantity of 7200 kg per year. Furthermore we make use of the accumulated dust and integrate it into our production process. In fact each month dusts are titled and re-entered as raw materials in the production of liquid fertilizers and water-soluble gel. This is our way to help saving the environment.


In our catalogue there are eco-friendly products which do not permit the release of chemical substances in the environment. They contain nitrification inhibitor DCD ìdicyandiamideî or the urease inhibitor NBPT ìN (nbutil) tiofosforicotriammideî. In particular, products of the MIDOTEC line and ENNNE LINE contain DCD, which permits the reduction of N2O and NO3 emissions: the minor volatilization of nitrogen is absorbed by plants and is not dispersed into the environment and the soil (it is absorbed by the plants as nutrient) Finally fertilizers of AUREA line contain the NBPT which reduces ammonia emissions in the environment up to 50% (it is absorbed by the plants as nutrient). Our environment-friendly products are in accordance with the European Commissionís directives regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions.


green innovation

Photovoltaic panels


Peak Power

176.170 Wp

Annual Production

264.000 Kwh

Reduced dust

7200 Kg


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