N 11-0-0 + 15 MgO

Nimag is particularly suited to providing Magnesium in fertigation


Fertigation application



Nimag is particularly suited to providing Magnesium in fertigation. Applications every 10-15 days are recommended in the plant growth critical stages: Magnesium deficiency is most frequent before the flowering phase and after fruit set, while in the growing cycle of grapes it may also occur at veraison.

Nimag is easily absorbed and ready-to-use. During the preparation of the stock solution it should not be mixed with phosphate or copper fertilizers, nor with highly alkaline products.


Citrus: the application of Nimag increases the level of Magnesium in the leaves and thus the citrus average production and fruit size.

Grapes: applications at intervals during the development of grapes are efficient to prevent stalk drying. When applied during pre-veraison and the ripening phase it increases the acidity of the must.

Apple: when mixed with Zinc-based products it proved highly efficient in eradicating diseases related to Zinc deficiency and in managing premature leaf fall.

Tomato: using Nimag during the whole fructification period produces a remarkable production increase and improves fruit quality.

Potato: Mg++ potato uptake is considerably problematic; applications of Nimag resulted in an increase in dry matter, starch level, ascorbic and citric acid, and the improvement of the overall quality of the fruit.

Wheat: Nimag applications make it possible to improve protein content and to reduce Septoria and rust disease damages.

Sugar beet: Nimag applications increase the sugar content and production.


  • Fully water-soluble, no precipitation;
  • Rapid foliar and radical absorption, thanks to the interaction between Magnesium and nitric Nitrogen;
  • Rapid greening effect on the crops;
  • Best photosynthesis process, as Mg is the fundamental element of Chlorophyll;
  • Effective against MgO deficiencies;
  • Also effective in the nutrition of high-pH limestone soils with hard water.


Crops | Application Period | Quantity:

CITRUS & OLIVE TREE | from the fruit set to 2-3 weeks before harvesting | 70 – 100 kg/ha
VINEYARD | from the beginning of the sprouting to 3 – 5 weeks before harvesting 50 – 100 kg/ha
POME AND STONE FRUITS | from the beginning of the sprouting to 3 – 5 weeks before harvesting 40 – 80 kg/ha
HORTICULTUR CROPS | from fruit set to 2 – 3 weeks before harvesting 60 – 150 kg/ha
KIWI | from the beginning of the sprouting to 3 – 5 weeks before harvesting 100 – 120 kg/ha
LAWN 2-3 applications in spring | 80 – 100 kg/ha
FLOWERS | during all the vegetative season | 40 – 60 kg/ha


NITROGEN (N) total 11%
of which Nitric Nitrogen (N11%
MAGNESIUM OXIDE (MgO) water soluble 15%