Midotec 19.0.35

The products of the MIDOTEC line are slow release granular NPK fertilizers containing the nitrification inhibitor 3,4 Dimethylpyrazole-phosphate (DMPP).



Eco-sustainable technology

Mechanical Application

Slow Release



  • With nitrification inhibitor
  • Reduces nitrogen losses due to washout
  • Increases the availability of nitrogen
  • Increase the yield
  • Progressive and prolonged nutritional intake over time.

The Midotec line includes slow release granular fertilizers containing the nitrification inhibitor 3.4 DMPP (3.4 Dimethylpyrazolophosphate).

The nitrification bacteria are responsible for the transformation of ammonia nitrogen into nitric in the soil; this process is slowed down by the inhibitor for 8-12 weeks: the ammonia nitrogen having a positive charge is not subject to washout and remains in the soil for a longer period of time, before transforming into nitric nitrogen which has a negative electrical charge and is not it is retained by the colloids of the soil. The presence of a higher fraction of ammoniacal nitrogen guarantees a sub-acid environment for the root with benefits on the assimilation of the little mobile mineral elements in the soil.

The use of Midotec fertilizers naturally brings economic benefits for farmers, in particular greater availability of nitrogen for crops which means fewer applications of fertilizers.

Midotec fertilizers can be distributed over the entire surface or located along the row for base or cover fertilization.

The products of the Midotec line respect the environment and comply with the European provisions for the reduction of nitrogen and carbon dioxide emissions in the ecosystem.

Doses and methods of use

  • Cereal crops: 100-300 kg / ha from sowing to the third leaf
  • Forage crops: 200-300 kg / ha in post-transplantation
  • Fruit crops: 300-400 kg / ha at the end of winter
  • Industrial crops: 200-300 kg / ha in post-transplantation
  • Horticultural crops: 300-400 kg / ha in post-transplantation

Composition %

Total nitrogen (N) 19
of which :

Urea Nitrogen (N): 19
Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water: 35

with 3,4 DMPP nitrification inhibitor (3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate)