Battiria Fluid

BATTIRIA FLUID is an innovative microbial-based biostimulant, which includes spores of fourstrains of the genus Bacillus meticulously selected and particularly active under all conditions.


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Eco-sustainable packaging

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Battiria Fluid enables it to atmospheric nitrogen, mobilize phosphorus and potassium in the soil, improving crop availability of the three essential nutrients.

The synergistic and complementary action of each strain, contained in Battiria Fluid, ensures the plantgrowth promotion through the production of phytohormones (auxins, abscisic acid), of secondary metabolites and siderophores. Therefore, Battiria Fluid optimizes yield potential by improving nutrient uptake,
restores beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere, enriches and improves soil structure for increased root mass and valuable vigor of the plants.

Foliar-applied Battiria Fluid activates the plant’s natural immune defenses, then fortifies and invigorates plant crops allowing greater tolerance to biotic and abiotic.

Doses et modes d'utilisation

Colture  Fogliare ml/hl

  • Cereal 200-400
  • Industrial 200-400
  • Frut 500-1000
  • Horticultural 400-600